New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

The most attractive thing about a book is its cover and many publishers work on its work with the help of graphic designers. Most of the self-published authors go towards photographs because they are simple and convenient. It also costs a whole lot less to use a photograph or hire a professional designer to make a custom illustration. If a traditional publisher is about to use a photo, they will significantly build it a small part of the cover, with a border around it, to make it look nicer. Here are some tips you need to know when you are about to design your book cover:

New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design
New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

Tip #1: Research
Before you hire a manuscript cover designer, do a huge amount of research on book covers in your genre. The first thing you need to do is look up your genre on Amazon and check up the top sellers of that genre. You need to do big research by scrolling through and understanding what types of designs are already working in the marketplace is a crucial first step. There is no ideal way to select a selling cover for your book other than to know what’s already selling!

Tip #2: Hire an expert in book designing
Ideally, it’s someone who has experience in the past at a traditional publisher. Someone who has designed book covers that have worked in the marketplace. This can cost you around less and you will get what you pay for.

New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design
New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

Tip #3: Take your design to a nearby bookstore
Go to a local bookstore and show them your book cover design. Independent bookstores understand whether a cover design is going to sell or not. Your willingness to get a suggestion, and then listen, to professional advice will help you a lot. An experienced editor organization like New Degree Press Can help you with every part of your writing or publishing a book.

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Book publishers oversee the whole process of bringing books to market that includes author manuscript editing, financial management, selection and development, promotion, and distribution. Once you understand, how book publishers work on the publishing process and what are their roles in publishing a book? Then this will determine how to choose an appropriate publisher like New Degree Press for the publication of your book. Here we will discuss some roles and functions of the publisher companies:

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?
New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Author Identification, Selection, and Development
The first step of the publisher is to find the author who can write an impactful book, when a book publisher makes a final decision to work with an author, he assigns editors to work with the writer to clean up the manuscript and make a book that sells. This might include change the plot, characters, and add or drop chapters.

Book Title Development
If a publisher likes an author’s story, it doesn’t mean that the publishing company will publish the book as it. Publishers use formulas that enhance sales. Every staff member specializing in a particular area will guide the writers to rewrite the parts of the books to make perfect fit the expectations of the consumers.

Author and Book Promotion
A publisher trains authors to create public appearances and give media interviews. They will advertise the book on social media platforms, by using pamphlets, generating ads, and much more.

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?
New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Production and Distribution
Book publishers like New Degree Press will help you to illustrate, print, and distribute books, including getting them into online stores. Depending upon their selling techniques, publishers begin selling the book in hardcover format to money in on early adopters and then fastly add softcover versions.

The Rise of Self-Publishing
Self-publishing technology allows authors to create and sell their own books. While self-publishing permits writers to keep all of the money, it doesn’t provide the experience and support in all areas of the book publishing operation that publishers have. Moreover, writers have to be part-time book promoters or hire someone who can handle this for them.

New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

Seven years ago, it was considered that it was just a matter of time before print books were greatly replaced by e-books. Many publishing companies provide many benefits to the authors by rewriting the content into an engaging form of guiding the new authors with their huge experience. E-books are available on different online platforms where you can take a subscription to the e-books at home without even going out. When books wouldn’t have to be printed, the lesser trees would cut down, and this lead to an eco-friendly world. Humans accept advancement and innovation in order the minimize their efforts. But reading books physically has a different addiction, some people like to read physical books, their particular smell, feel, and experience of sitting down without any electrical devices.

New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

But from few years, print overtake the place of digital delivery as the print is holding up the experience of the readers to read a physical book. So according to the experts the main things that will be changing in upcoming years would be:

  • Small-scale publishers will concentrate on sharping their skills.
  • Marketing will require more valued content for the latest audience.
  • The self-help industries will turn to audiobook platforms as audio will rule over time.
  • Marketing budgets will be made to enhance websites and SEOs to engage more site traffic.
  • Partnerships will come before the competition.
  • Podcasting will be a new standard for publishers.
  • Digital subscribers will reach the sky because of instant access to content.
  • The print will be strong in the upcoming years.
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

The latest audiobook platforms have been discovered and many educational institutes are using some of them to provide information and content in their head in a creative and innovative way. Another trend is now taking the place and that is business owners are taking dive into the authorship due to few reasons. Publishing is getting easy but releases blocks associated with writing taking time. Individual business influencers have a great foundation to build a strong audience when both collaborative teams of authors like New Degree Press worked on one book. Some of the famous companies are having a surge in the poetry collection as the world poetry community grabbed up the opportunity to stay online during the pandemic situation, which engaged the poetry audiences to deliver amazing content. Fairy tale retellings are getting popular during the lockdown and it gives children life’s value.

New Degree Press – Things You Need to do Before Write a Book

Are you dreaming of becoming a professional writer? A writer needs to be stable and calm to write a good book that can inspire many. Before becoming a good writer you have to follow some of the steps given by New Degree Press. The first thing you require is an inspiration to write a book perfectly.

New Degree Press - Things You Need to do Before Write a Book
New Degree Press – Things You Need to do Before Write a Book
  • Establish your writing space: To write a book you don’t need a huge space but all you need is a comfortable space for you. In that space, you can write a perfect book without any discomfort. The other thing you need to do is stay inspired and encourage yourself to complete your book. A comfortable and cozy space gives you a lot of time to think and get creative when writing a book.
  • Assemble your writing tools: Writing tools are very essential to assemble otherwise you will need more time to assemble and find them when you will be in the mood of writing a book. You have to save your file before you switch off your personal computer.
  • Break your book into small pieces: Don’t take too much pressure in your head to write a book in a few months, you need to take breaks and divide your storyline so you can set a schedule to write in breaks.
  • Construct your outline: The other important thing you need to do is construct an outline so that you have a story summary and you will not get distracted by another topic. You need to add some engaging things in your book so your reader won’t sleep while reading your book.
  • Set a firm writing schedule: Always stick to your writing schedule, never delay it or make excuses to write at another time.
New Degree Press - Things You Need to do Before Write a Book
New Degree Press – Things You Need to do Before Write a Book
  • Eliminate distractions to stay focused: You have ignored all your distraction to stay focused to do your work regularly. Never forget why you have started writing a book. To achieve your goals, you need to concentrate on your writing. You can also prefer some of the experienced agencies like New Degree Press to edit your book perfectly.

New Degree Press- What Are The Different Publishing Routes and Options?

Once you approach an agent with your manuscript, one of them you should hire and they will work to sell your book to the publisher on your behalf. It is quite an easy process once you get the way through a skilled organization like New Degree Press.

New Degree Press- What Are The Different Publishing Routes and Options?
New Degree Press- What Are The Different Publishing Routes and Options?

Traditional Publishers: There are a full host of other publishers outside of the Big Five, however, the publishing process is mostly similar. It is a rare thing depending upon the publisher that they may accept unsolicited manuscripts. It is important that you’ll have to get an agent and they sell your book for you. Most of these publishers carry a lot of gains and their writers win amazing awards regularly so that is why it’s quite difficult and they vary from big corporate companies to freer.

Indie Presses: They are sort of halfway between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Many of them will use self-publishing techniques however do it on your behalf. A huge portion also print books and will require to get them into book retailers. The main key benefit to independent presses is that a maximum of them accept unsolicited manuscripts. They may have limits when they are wide open for submissions but you can give up with the agent and work directly with the publishers to get your book.

New Degree Press- What Are The Different Publishing Routes and Options?
New Degree Press- What Are The Different Publishing Routes and Options?

Self-Publishing: Self-publishing has unfolded the techniques for authors across the world to build a career out of writing. There are multiple organizations and services that provide a platform to publish your work on e-commerce apps. If a manuscript can be in that format so that you can publish your work. However, all of the edition work has to be done by you. New Degree Press helps to do all of the formatting’s, re-editing, design, marketing, and proofing that would typically be controlled by the publisher all rest are your responsibility. Self-published writers aren’t watched down, but it’s harder for your manuscript to become a successful writer than any other route, and will cost you a lot more upfront if you want to do it well.

New Degree Press-Tips to Engage Readers in Book Marketing Strategy?

If you want to be a good author, you need to know some of the marketing strategies. The more people talk about your book, the more noticeable your book becomes and readers take interest in your book. But if you are one of those authors who don’t like to social then you need an experienced publishing organization like New Degree Press, which can help you out in many ways. Today you will know some tips and tricks to engage your readers:

New Degree Press-Tips to Engage Readers in Book Marketing Strategy?
New Degree Press-Tips to Engage Readers in Book Marketing Strategy?

Featured Testimonials: The readers who will love your book will write a testimonial about your book and this can attract more customers and readers for your book. They will also share a thought with you about the experience they have after reading your book, After taking their review you can share them on your social media page and use it as a marketing tool on the different social media platforms.
Do you know what is highly engaged? A video testimonial is highly engaging and compelling if you have a reader you know personally, you can make a video about your book reading experience but make sure, the pitch to buy your book should be attractive. With good video software editing, you can also use repurposing and resharing.

Elicit Feedback: Another great way to engage your readers is to ask them for feedback. You can ask your reader for opinion polls like which of your two books they liked better? These types of polls are now available on every social media platform. These types of posts can engage your readers to interact with you. You can also use a quiz feature to ask questions related to your book.

New Degree Press-Tips to Engage Readers in Book Marketing Strategy?
New Degree Press-Tips to Engage Readers in Book Marketing Strategy?

Host a Photo Contest: The most engaging idea is to host a photo contest for the most innovative picture of a reader with your book. But make sure to offer an enticing prize for the winners of the contest. By doing this you can make more readers for your book and you can become a popular author. You can get more tips and tricks to attract readers from New Degree Press as they provide you with a great editing process for your manuscript.

New Degree Press-Things you need to know before self-publishing a book

There is always a lot of difference between saying and doing! Some people say they want to write a book but a few of them accomplish this goal. If you are one of those who have done their final manuscript ready to go then New Degree Press can help you to reedit your book from experts. Self-publishing industry has changed as your book can look like just a professional book from a large publishing house.

New Degree Press-Things you need to know before self-publishing a book
New Degree Press-Things you need to know before self-publishing a book


There are six basic parts to make a manuscript for printing.

  • Writing the manuscript
  • Professional editing
  • Illustrations and graphics created
  • Cover design
  • Formatted for print
  • Digital files uploaded to the publisher


The process of making a book starts with the knowledge of the printing and selling options available in the self-publishing market. The distributor is accountable for printing the manuscript and sending it to the book retailers, the sending option totally depends upon the type of book retailer you choose. You can buy the book directly from the distributor and pay only for printing and delivery fees. If you are choosing print on demand, then it is print or send everytime when a customer orders.

New Degree Press-Things you need to know before self-publishing a book
New Degree Press-Things you need to know before self-publishing a book

The total cost of a book depends upon the number of things:

  • Industry standards are less expensive than the custom sizes of the book
  • Cost also depends upon the type of cover that is hard or soft.
  • Depends upon the type of binding.
  • Type of cover finish you prefer i.e gloss or matte.
  • A number of inside pages.
  • Type of paper you used
  • Quantity of books you want to print.
  • A number of images you need.

New Degree Press offers a proof of the layout design, fonts and page styles will be used for review. They make sure the design should be consistent with the cover design so when the layout is finished, we can in a short time export to PDF and provide the entire book to our client or a chapter at a time for review.

New Degree Press-Tips and Tricks to Publish a Book For New Authors

Publish a book might be difficult but not impossible, and for new authors, it must be a daunted task but you can take some professional help from publishers like New Degree Press. The only thing you need to do is stay on track because once you forget about your publishing dream or you start to run away from hard work, then you will never achieve your big goal. It is advisable to always keep in mind that why you have started to write a book.


A book can change the lives of many people around the world: Popular people usually write books to tell the struggle and interesting facts of their lives. Sometimes a change is important for everyone and celebrities are influencers for everyone as their life stories can inspire people to achieve their dreams. 

Publishing Facts You Need To Know: 

  1. You shouldn’t have to accept rejection: Many people stop writing their book because they think that people will not like it. We all know that writers have sensitive souls and fear of rejection. Rejection has nothing to do with the quality of your book and your ideas as everyone has unique minds and stories.
  2. You can learn everything you need to know: Authors take a peek at the book-publishing business and get completely overwhelmed. A lot of information is required when you wanted to be a good writer. Writing a book is a creative thing and requires a bit of knowledge about book writing. 
  3. You have to market the book: The one thing you need to know is that when it comes to marketing, you will rarely get help from the publisher. The key skill is required that you have to think like a marketer who knows how to use persuasive words before you write the first word of your manuscript.
  4. You don’t have to sell your book to the company you don’t want to sell: The thing is that you don’t need to beg a big company to give your book to publish. It’s not like that you need to hire an agent to publish your book. Time has changed now, you can publish your book yourself with the help of a local publisher and with an affordable and popular publishing company like New Degree Press. 

New Degree Press-Level up your visibility by writing an impactful book

Are you writing a book and want your book to be successful? Then you should really need some tips and tricks that will help you to publish your book successfully with New Degree Press. First of all, if you want your book to be successful, you need to think about the needs of the readers. Basically, some writers think that their book can potentially reach everyone and they dream that millions of people find their book interesting. However, this is a false objective, you should work on the content of the book that has a particular audience. There are few nonfiction books that have readers of more than a hundred thousand. We all know that the majority of books are completely unappealing to most of the readers.

New Degree Press-Level up your visibility by writing an impactful book
New Degree Press-Level up your visibility by writing an impactful book

Firstly it’s very difficult to write a book that will leave an impact and have an appealing impact. Many professional writers who sell books for a living don’t try to write overly broad books. They define a clear audience and go to write for them. If you’re into nonfiction authors then your goal should be to use your book to establish your legacy, impact everyone, raise your authority, level up your visibility, make new clients, and possibly get you speaking engagements. A focused subject to write a book that appeals to a small audience is more vulnerable than a broad subject book. This usually materializes because large topics like life advice tend to be covered already by the best authors and people will not find it actionable. Here are some tips you should follow when writing a book:

  • Think according to the perspective of your audience, when you decide whether or not to buy a book.
  • Your book should provide value to the readers.
  • Some authors do targeting by focusing too much on demographics, and not enough on psychographics.
  • The best authors understand who their audience is, what they want, and once they understand that, they write a book for a small group of people that add many values to them.
New Degree Press-Level up your visibility by writing an impactful book
New Degree Press-Level up your visibility by writing an impactful book
  • Talk with a different audience with one book
  • Describe characteristics of a typical person in your book.
  • New Degree Press recommends starting with the smallest possible audience you must reach to make your book successful and they will help you to reach the best platform.

New Degree Press- How to Format a Manuscript For Publishing?

A manuscript refers to a preliminary draft of a novel, short story, or nonfiction book. New Degree Press offers a presale publishing model to benefit both traditional and self-publishing from an active, supportive, and engaged community of fellow authors. Book formatting may be a superficial aspect of manuscript submission, but proper manuscript formatting is a paramount indicator for your editor, reader, or literary agents to take your work seriously. If you send your editor something that is not in a standard book format, the editor has to spend more time correcting your work. It can be an expensive process. Some writers decide to begin formatting their work the moment they open the first page of their Microsoft Word document and others prefer to complete an entire manuscript before worrying about paragraph indents or page setup. Time does not matter but there is a wrong way to format a manuscript. Following rules can make sure you’re sticking to standard formatting practices for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

New Degree Press- How to Format a Manuscript For Publishing
  • Use black, 12-point, Times New Roman as the font for manuscript
  • The standard page size is 8.5×11 inches and margins are 1 inch on all sides.
  • Set alignment to left-justified which is also known as ragged right text.
  • In the digital age, use a single space after periods.
  • Use double-spaced line spacing to help your editor.
  • Indent all paragraphs by 0.5 inches, and don’t hit tab or space to indent.
  • Format paragraphs according to genre standards.
  • To begin a new chapter, use page breaks to make a standard manuscript.
  • Start numbering on the page your story begins.
  • The whole manuscript should have one Word document (.doc /.docx).
Many old books combined by a heap. Russian saying ‘Knowledge – light, ignorance – darkness’

The following 10 guidelines will put you on your editor’s good side and New Degree Press is the one that offers a community-based book writing program that helps authors to develop a first draft manuscript over a five-month timeline.

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