A Complete Guide to Publish Like a Pro by New Degree Press!

Self-publishing is booming, and the book industry is doing well! You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to learn more about how to self-publish a book with the help of experts like New Degree Press

Book Editing

There are a few various types of editing and each performs a remarkable purpose for a manuscript. You’ll have to consider your work to resolve what level of editing to begin with. You need to reread your book and find out some common mistakes you have done. For this you need patience. 

Book Design

The following stage is developing your book! There are two major stages in the book design method that is interior design and book cover design.

                              a. Interior Book Design

Interior design is not the most thrilling part of the design process, however, it is essential to make a professionally published book. Typesetting, generally directed to as book arrangement, has “rules” for orphans, hyphens, widows, and different other components within a book to create it more legible, providing a pleasant reading experience for your readers.

                                  b. Book Cover Design

Your book exterior design is the foremost impression readers have of your book. While it’s crucial to be amazing, it’s equally essential to pay awareness to what similar covers in your genre look like.

Book Metadata

Book metadata seems like a complicated process, but it’s fairly straightforward. It consists of all the knowledge that represents your book, including your label, subtitle, cost, trim size, author title, book report, and more.


If you haven’t yet, now is the time to select how you’re going to tell your story to the world. There are various self-publishing companies to choose from but New Degree Press delivers many characteristics that you won’t discover anywhere else.


Book distribution utilized to be the main stumbling block for self-published writers. They would expend weeks, months, even years documenting their book so it is crucial for you to select an experience book publishing house to publish your book. 


Discover like-minded individuals who like to visit you succeed. Share your creation with them and request feedback along the way. If you are on social media platforms, you can discover a number of writers and authors communicating tips and motivation to help each other succeed.

New Degree Press – How Word Count Matters for a Book?

According to New Degree Press, The word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text. It is one of the first questions to the authors that is “What’s your word count?” They usually know their genre’s word-count standards (most often between 75,000-95,000 words), but they wonder if they can get away with a 50,000-word book or a 150,000-word book. Word count matters for a book because it helps you select your readers. For example, if you write a novel and it is long, about 100,000 words long, then naturally there will be some readers to whom it is not suitable (just because of the word count). 

Word counting may be needed when a text is required to stay within certain numbers of words. A lesson you learn early on when talking to publishing people is that we always talk in word count, not page number. If you can come up with enough relevant information about a topic, by all means, write a piece that’s 1,000 to 2,000 words. If you find yourself repeating things you’ve already said, or adding fluff to make the piece longer, stop.

You may follow the below standards:

Novel40,000 words or over
Novella17,500 to 39,999 words
Novelette7,500 to 17,499 words
Short storyup to 7,500 words

If you want to get published, you need to be aware that major New York publishers are looking for a specific word count, depending on your genre. It’s important for you to meet word count guidelines in order to satisfy reader and publisher expectations.

Although best-selling writers can get away with longer books, most writers, especially those writing and publishing a first book, need to stick to the standard book length for their genre.

3 Types Of Book Publishing Companies – New Degree Press

Did you know there are numerous book publishing companies’ options, relying on your funding, timeline, and the marketability of your book?

According to New Degree Press, before choosing a publishing prospect, it is essential to comprehend the diverse classes of publishers, as well as your capacity to contact an audience with your book and sell copies. 

First, take a peek at the three primary book publishing companies. 

Hybrid Publisher

Hybrid publishers fall somewhere between a self-publishing firm and a conventional publisher. Hybrid publishers vary enormously in their terms. Yet, they typically offer their writers some status of in-house editorial expertise and allocation support, and they share in the gains that result from the book deals.

Vanity Publishers

Writers with adequate economic aid can employ the assistance of vanity presses and have their books printed, published, and set in the records of book retailers.

Vanity presses furnish a forum for the dissemination of notes and concepts in a textbook format that may not have market prospects, but that is essential for writers or their reasons. This approach may be appropriate for manuscripts with a very limited audience. 


The writer bears everything required to get their job into print. In most illustrations, the writer agrees with organizations delivering self-publishing services such as printing, ISBN number, editing, etc. The author finances the total cost of production and publication from the manuscript to the culmination of the book. 

Likewise, marketing, advertising, distribution, and other aspects of making the book open for sale are either contracted for or furnished by the author.

As per the experts at New Degree Press, if you are going to publish your very own book, you should comprehend the most suitable publishing options. With this post, you will be able to publish your book the route you desire to. Hopefully, this piece of info may help you. 

New Degree Press- How to Publish Your First Book Of Poetry

Want to publish a book of poetry? How to start? What order to go? How to publish? All these questions can leave you worried and confused. New degree Press wants to help you with all the answers to your questions.
This all starts when you already have been writing poetry for some while and finally think of putting this down in a book. There are two categories it’s divided into- pamphlets and collections.

New Degree Press- How to Publish Your First Book Of Poetry
New Degree Press- How to Publish Your First Book Of Poetry

How to choose which poems to put in the pamphlet?
The first is an introductory work and as you are starting it is better to publish what you are writing to the world. To select poems for this sort of work, my main advice is just to choose the poems you admire and it would be ideal to ask your friends, family, relatives, aa best diploma and can even be your therapist or professor which ones do they love.
The second kind of pamphlet follows a sequence of poems, which might be either written on a particular subject or in an identical form. If all your poems are on a single subject or have a connection with each other then a pamphlet form will be a good way to go about it.

How to structure your book?
Once you decided and sorted out all your favorite pieces out of the collection of well-written poems it’s now time for a structure. The question is: how to organize your poems? It’s also a great idea to print out all your poems and examine them out in a few several line-ups until you are satisfied with the order. This information goes for full-length collections, too.

Choosing a publisher?
While competitions can be a great route to publication, there are lots of tiny presses that print pamphlets. Normally, these publishers have on their website a complete guideline and term that you need to adhere to and a particular window for when they are admitting work.

New Degree Press- How to Publish Your First Book Of Poetry
New Degree Press- How to Publish Your First Book Of Poetry

All these ideas are great to start if you want to publish your poetry book and this guideline from New Degree Press is sure going to help you out and simplify the process out.

New Degree Press-A complete guide to write a book in a systematic way

If you want to write a book successfully then the first step is to write down the systematic process of writing and start working on the content. According to New Degree Press, many authors stop writing in between and never complete the book but if you are going on this path then you should make a list of the issues that you are facing and make a list. Making a list of your problems will solve half of the problems. Now let’s get into the effective procedures on how to write a book for beginners.

New Degree Press-A complete guide to write a book in a systematic way
New Degree Press-A complete guide to write a book in a systematic way

Create An Outline For Your Book
The initial step is to create an outline of your book and schedule what you need to be involved in it. This is where you need to think about and design all the chapters, as well as jot down some notes on what each chapter can include.

Get Into A Creative Writing State
All several successful writers have stated that when they’re writing, they get into a position of “flow”. This is an artistic writing state that permits the words to just flow away from them and you also have to maintain peace of mind by following these tips:

  • Get up and go for a walk
  • Exercise or workout
  • Meditate and silence your mind
  • Do something that makes you feel good
  • Read a book for 30 minutes

Use A Timer During Writing Your Draft
As suggested earlier, you require to begin with writing a draft. You aren’t going to just magically write the sound version of your book the initial time. By managing time and placing it for 45 minutes, it will build a sense of importance within you to write as much as you can.

New Degree Press-A complete guide to write a book in a systematic way
New Degree Press-A complete guide to write a book in a systematic way

Edit And Proofread Your Book
Once you have the design of your book finished, the following step is to finish and polish it up. You’ll require to edit and proofread it yourself. But experts recommend hiring an experienced publishing team like New Degree Press to assist you with this also because they’ll likely find things that you missed.

New Degree Press-Myths Keeping You Away From Writing Your First Book

Whether you operate with a publisher like New Degree Press or want to self-publish, having a book is the ultimate calling card. It can assist you to gain reputation, boost your credibility, encourage more business leads and gain largely paid speaking engagements. Several entrepreneurs, industry owners, and influencers have thought about writing a manuscript, but usually, the strongest component is buckling down and beginning the process, and not letting your fears grow in your way. Here are a few things you need to get over them:

New Degree Press-Myths Keeping You Away From Writing Your First Book
New Degree Press-Myths Keeping You Away From Writing Your First Book

A book is not about artificial writing, it is about structure. Once you build a good structure for your book by mind mapping and making a brief, the book begins to start itself. And don’t be controlled by the disconnect between your own first draft and the elaborate published authors you read and love. The unfinished draft is always disturbing. A lot of personalities ignore excellent writers is that their final works have been edited numerous times. With an experienced editor and a solid structure, you can build a compelling book, too.

The purpose people required publishers in the 20th century was that the publishers established distribution, but that model has drastically replaced in the past 20 years. Amazon is presently the most general distributor of books in the world, and nobody wants a publisher to put a manuscript on Amazon. The writing business is being democratized right before and it’s the ideal time to take benefit of the access Amazon provides you to an abundance of readers.

New Degree Press-Myths Keeping You Away From Writing Your First Book
New Degree Press-Myths Keeping You Away From Writing Your First Book

While there are a few things you’ll need to invest in to create your book successfully because writing a book can be as costly or as cheap as you need to make it. Marketing books has never been simpler and cheaper with social media, websites, email, and other digital tools, and this permits you to scale your marketing aims up or down however your budget permits. For successful publishing, you can also hire a team of professionals like New Degree Press.

New Degree Press-How to find your publisher/agent for book publishing?

Are you fascinated by writing and want to publish a book? If you’re a writer, photographer, illustrator, quilt diva, or kitten enthusiast. You’re overflowing at the seams with ideas, but you haven’t the significant idea of where to get started. Your brain continuously asks questions like How do I get published, Do I need to be Internet famous, Do I need an agent like New Degree Press, and much more.

New Degree Press-How to find your publisher/agent for book publishing?
New Degree Press-How to find your publisher/agent for book publishing?

Find your publisher/agent
Experts would never suggest submitting your book idea straight to a publisher. Attempt to sign with a literary agent as he will get 10 percent of your sales profit but gives you the best service. It’s an amazing resource for learning how to make a query and search agents who know and understand your genre. There are hundreds of publishing agents, so it’s crucial to go through a detailed search. Another great way to discover one is to view the acknowledgments in the back of the manuscript you think that yours would sit next to on a shelf. Authors are almost always grateful to their agent and editor. You can also check out the book and guide your Literary Agents. Besides spelling out everything you require to know about searching an agent, the back has an index that lists them by genre.

New Degree Press-How to find your publisher/agent for book publishing?
New Degree Press-How to find your publisher/agent for book publishing?

Searching for an agent is oftentimes the daunted part. Once you have this, you will operate together to submit a scheme to the publishers that are an ideal fit for your book. This operation can take anywhere from some weeks to several months. You won’t pay the agent or publisher any money at that point. Nobody gets the payment until you have a book deal. This is done because it’s such a huge deal to sign with an agent as they’re working hard on commission. If you get one who needs to represent you, then your project is worth their time. So much so, that they’re willing to place in the hours before getting money. Additionally, agents receive a 15% commission. You might be good at everything but an experienced agent team like New Degree Press will protect you, set up proper expectations, fight for your rights, negotiate for you to make a profit from the publishing.

New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

The most attractive thing about a book is its cover and many publishers work on its work with the help of graphic designers. Most of the self-published authors go towards photographs because they are simple and convenient. It also costs a whole lot less to use a photograph or hire a professional designer to make a custom illustration. If a traditional publisher is about to use a photo, they will significantly build it a small part of the cover, with a border around it, to make it look nicer. Here are some tips you need to know when you are about to design your book cover:

New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design
New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

Tip #1: Research
Before you hire a manuscript cover designer, do a huge amount of research on book covers in your genre. The first thing you need to do is look up your genre on Amazon and check up the top sellers of that genre. You need to do big research by scrolling through and understanding what types of designs are already working in the marketplace is a crucial first step. There is no ideal way to select a selling cover for your book other than to know what’s already selling!

Tip #2: Hire an expert in book designing
Ideally, it’s someone who has experience in the past at a traditional publisher. Someone who has designed book covers that have worked in the marketplace. This can cost you around less and you will get what you pay for.

New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design
New Degree Press- Tips to Ensure You Pick a Great Cover Design

Tip #3: Take your design to a nearby bookstore
Go to a local bookstore and show them your book cover design. Independent bookstores understand whether a cover design is going to sell or not. Your willingness to get a suggestion, and then listen, to professional advice will help you a lot. An experienced editor organization like New Degree Press Can help you with every part of your writing or publishing a book.

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Book publishers oversee the whole process of bringing books to market that includes author manuscript editing, financial management, selection and development, promotion, and distribution. Once you understand, how book publishers work on the publishing process and what are their roles in publishing a book? Then this will determine how to choose an appropriate publisher like New Degree Press for the publication of your book. Here we will discuss some roles and functions of the publisher companies:

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?
New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Author Identification, Selection, and Development
The first step of the publisher is to find the author who can write an impactful book, when a book publisher makes a final decision to work with an author, he assigns editors to work with the writer to clean up the manuscript and make a book that sells. This might include change the plot, characters, and add or drop chapters.

Book Title Development
If a publisher likes an author’s story, it doesn’t mean that the publishing company will publish the book as it. Publishers use formulas that enhance sales. Every staff member specializing in a particular area will guide the writers to rewrite the parts of the books to make perfect fit the expectations of the consumers.

Author and Book Promotion
A publisher trains authors to create public appearances and give media interviews. They will advertise the book on social media platforms, by using pamphlets, generating ads, and much more.

New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?
New Degree Press-What Are The Roles And Functions of a Book Publisher?

Production and Distribution
Book publishers like New Degree Press will help you to illustrate, print, and distribute books, including getting them into online stores. Depending upon their selling techniques, publishers begin selling the book in hardcover format to money in on early adopters and then fastly add softcover versions.

The Rise of Self-Publishing
Self-publishing technology allows authors to create and sell their own books. While self-publishing permits writers to keep all of the money, it doesn’t provide the experience and support in all areas of the book publishing operation that publishers have. Moreover, writers have to be part-time book promoters or hire someone who can handle this for them.

New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

Seven years ago, it was considered that it was just a matter of time before print books were greatly replaced by e-books. Many publishing companies provide many benefits to the authors by rewriting the content into an engaging form of guiding the new authors with their huge experience. E-books are available on different online platforms where you can take a subscription to the e-books at home without even going out. When books wouldn’t have to be printed, the lesser trees would cut down, and this lead to an eco-friendly world. Humans accept advancement and innovation in order the minimize their efforts. But reading books physically has a different addiction, some people like to read physical books, their particular smell, feel, and experience of sitting down without any electrical devices.

New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

But from few years, print overtake the place of digital delivery as the print is holding up the experience of the readers to read a physical book. So according to the experts the main things that will be changing in upcoming years would be:

  • Small-scale publishers will concentrate on sharping their skills.
  • Marketing will require more valued content for the latest audience.
  • The self-help industries will turn to audiobook platforms as audio will rule over time.
  • Marketing budgets will be made to enhance websites and SEOs to engage more site traffic.
  • Partnerships will come before the competition.
  • Podcasting will be a new standard for publishers.
  • Digital subscribers will reach the sky because of instant access to content.
  • The print will be strong in the upcoming years.
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry
New Degree Press- Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

The latest audiobook platforms have been discovered and many educational institutes are using some of them to provide information and content in their head in a creative and innovative way. Another trend is now taking the place and that is business owners are taking dive into the authorship due to few reasons. Publishing is getting easy but releases blocks associated with writing taking time. Individual business influencers have a great foundation to build a strong audience when both collaborative teams of authors like New Degree Press worked on one book. Some of the famous companies are having a surge in the poetry collection as the world poetry community grabbed up the opportunity to stay online during the pandemic situation, which engaged the poetry audiences to deliver amazing content. Fairy tale retellings are getting popular during the lockdown and it gives children life’s value.

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